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  • Herbal Joint and Bone Pain Relief Capsules

    Date / 06/03/2016

    US $1-20 DICO is a dietary supplement product made from 100% turmeric extract. Helps in cancellous bone,spongy bone,muscle strain and soreness, hemorrhoid, peripheral neuritis, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, rheumatic, rheumatoid and gout. It is 100% free GMO and contain high antioxidant properties. ...

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  • Garlic extract

    Date / 03/30/2015

    US $1-20 Purelife Bio key specifications of Garlic extract series include : ·1%-3% Allicin powder by INA method , odorless water-soluble ·1%-99% Alliin powder, odorless water-soluble (the content of total thiosulfinates and Gamma glytamylcysteine can be adjusted according to customer req...

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  • Alpha-GPC

    Date / 03/30/2015

    US $1-20 Purelife Bio isengaged in manufacturing and exporting excellent quality Alpha GPC (Choline Alfoserate) in Shanghai, Shanghai, China. Alpha GPC (L-a-glyceryl phosphorylcholine) is a key brain cell membrane phospholipid and cholinergic precursor. It is a source of choline for the synthesis of the neur...

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